Card of the day – 7 of Swords

Today was a business planning day.. doesn’t sound very exciting does it? But I was brimming with ideas and bits of plans and I felt I needed to sit down and get it all down on paper (well, computer).

So this morning I enlisted the help of the tarot.. the Tarot Illuminati deck to be more precise. It is such a beautiful deck.. sigh.. but more of that later.

I drew a random card to help me.. it was the Seven of Swords. The first thing I do is brainstorm ideas from the images on the card.


So I got:
circus tents
swords, new ideas
carry what you can but leave some behind
you can’t do it all
invisible, secretive, night
circular tents – mandalas
‘Night Circus’ by Erin Morgernstern – the book I’m currently reading
backs turned
dark blues and purples

Looking at the card I felt a very strong connection to the book I’m currently reading, which is Night Circus’ by Erin Morgernstern, through the images on the card. I felt compelled to let the book give me further ideas. I turned to a random page and looked down it until a phrase jumped out at me. I got ‘potential repercussions’ and ‘more than meets the eye’.

So how could I encourage my brain to use all this random information to help with business planning? Hmmmm…

Well to start with, after jotting down my notes I left it for a while and set about my planning. I think the brainstorming with the tarot card pottered around in my brain while I was doing it.

I had been thinking a lot about mandalas – I love doing them and they seem to be very popular – they certainly get the most likes of all of my posts! So my plans include more mandalas and perhaps using them to decorate some journals. The two seem to complement each other well.

The man in the card is carrying a few swords and seems a little concerned that he has to leave some. i have been thinking about how my business needs to be more focussed – there are so many things I want to do, but initially I need to concentrate on what is going to sell! I will need to leave some ideas behind for later. And thats OK, those ideas can be stored somewhere rather tan just discarded on the ground.

There is always ‘more than meets the eye’.. I have come to realise that selling art and craft products requires far more work than merely making the product and sticking it on a website. In fact, I have been so busy with other aspects of setting up a business that I haven’t even set up my website yet 😳 – I am relying on various social media sites for the time being.

Talking of which.. where else can you find me?

I am RadiantMoonArt on Facebook, @radiantmoonart on Twitter and Instagram ( I LOVE instagram!) and RadiantMoonArt on Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr.. you get the idea!

I’m very excited about my journey and I hope you’ll join me as I bumble along setting up my business and using the Tarot to help me.

Tomorrow I am going to do a full spread with my cards and see what that turns up 😊

Please let me know if you like my blog and if there’s anything you want to ask me about. Art and Tarot are my passions and I love talking about them!

Thanks for reading

Rachel 😊


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