Using the Tarot for planning and decision making

OK, I had done a SWOT analysis and written an action plan to help me get my business off the ground. I had identified some issues, problems to be solved.. now what?

Well, today I woke up feeling a bit ‘bleugh’ and didn’t really know where to start. So I pulled a card to help… the 7 of pentacles.  I ended up pulling a couple more cards – The Hierophant and Justice.  I used the Tarot Illuminati deck again – my current favourite!


So, the 7 of pentacles.  The man is resting in a blooming garden, but he looks a little lost, in fact he looks how I feel today. He knows there is lots still to do but is not sure what it is. Its as if he doesn’t know what to do next. Well.. behind him there are steps that seem to be leading out of the garden – perhaps he should explore. Staying where he is isn’t going to help.  So perhaps I need to take some time out of my ‘garden’ (studio) and explore.

Where should I go? What should I do today then?  Well, the Hierophant was next, so I wrote down a few words that came to mind when looking at the card: religion, leader, authority, jewels, ornate, napkins, bald heads, robes, lamb, worship, the Church, keys, locked doors, unlocking. My first thought was I could visit a church or religious building… hmm… ok but I’m not particularly religious and wasn’t particularly drawn to that idea. But then I thought of our local community and the monthly pamphlet that the Church distribute called the ‘Williton Window’ – I could look in there for opportunities. And also the local paper.

Further help required! Here is Justice.. seems to be reinforcing the Hierophant with its feeling of authority. Other brainstorming led to scales, balance, sword, green and red, worship, church.. (again!)  Someone really wants to get me to church!

Summary… I need to get out of the house and explore something new, possibly church related!

Action taken.. I bought a copy of the local paper and went through it looking for opportunities.  I found an advert for a haberdashery shop in the village which I didn’t know about (good for book-binding materials!), and…. TADA! An art exhibition in a church in Minehead!   I felt compelled to go there.. the exhibition was lovely, but I think what I was meant to find there was a leaflet advertising auditions for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar next year!


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