Problem Solving with the Tarot

My second task of the day was attempting to solve this (rather large) problem:

‘How can I increase my chances of getting Etsy sales?’

I designed my own ‘spread’.. incidentally I don’t tend to arrange cards in a particular way anymore. It seems to make more sense to me just to pull cards as needed – and it’s much simpler!

So.. I would pull four cards to represent the following

1. problem/situation

2. obstacles

3. opportunities

4. extra help

My cards were the Chariot, Ace of Cups, The Hierophant, Princess of Pentacles.


Again, I am using the Tarot Illuminati.

Situation/Problem – The Chariot

Pulling in different ways, need courage and conviction to keep going. Control (or lack of), keeping both horses on the same track. This reminds me that I need to keep focussed and in control. There are times when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing or why! But how can I address this?

Obstacles – Ace of Cups

Well the Ace of Cups is a lovely card and makes me thing of positive emotions and beauty. How could this be an obstacle? I want to create beautiful things, but that is not enough to get a business going. I am feeling very positive and happy at the moment, could this be a barrier? Maybe I worry about upsetting the applecart a little.. if I push the business side of things maybe I won’t be so happy. I love creating, making art, making books. When the business becomes successful it will be my job and the pressure will be there to perform, and to sell. This could well be something that is holding me back at the moment. If I’m honest with myself, I am probably not pushing for that first sale as hard as I could be. I definitely need to step out of my comfort zone, get involved with the local community – get myself out there!

Opportunities – The Hierophant

OK, he came up last time. A reminder that the local church could be a useful place – around here most community events involve the church in some way. However, it also makes me think of spiritual connections – I am a very spiritual person despite not being attached to a particular religion. Maybe there are opportunities to connect through more spiritual activities. Which leads me to think of the Tarot.. maybe there are some Tarot groups online I could connect with. Perhaps use my knowledge of the Tarot locally somehow. Worth some exploration!

Extra help – Princess of Pentacles

Not immediately sure about this one so did some brainstorming: beautiful material, pentacles, coins, down to earth, money and finances, sun rays, path around the mountains, countryside, open spaces, poppies, earth, Earth.  I was still a little stumped how this could help, apart from the warning to be careful with money – but that is nothing new as I am always conscious of spending at the moment.

I let this one go and came back to it later – my previous exploring led me to a new haberdashery shop in the village (beautiful material!). As well as selling some really useful stuff for bookmaking and crafts, the lady running the shop also has morning groups for various activities, such as papercrafts and needlework.

Its amazing what you can find if you can get yourself out the door…


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